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RIDEA Carbon Generator Cover for KAWASAKI NINJA 400 (2018 onwards)

US$ 119.00

Carbon Generator for KAWASAKI NINJA 400 (2018 onwards)

RIDEA Injected racing cover set (RCS) for engine protection are made of carbon composite mixed fiber which able to sustain the heat up to 200 degree celsius , and the durability can definitely gives extra protection which can prevent direct impact & scratches from the engine itself.

Carbon composite mixed fiber racing cover set (RCS) gives extra undeniable protection to the genuine engine/clutch case cover ,superior heat resistances material helps insulate & absorb most of the heatiness generated from the engine itself.

Material: Carbon Mixed Fibre


- Durable

- Reliable

- Light Weight

- Heat Resistible (within 200 degree celsius)

- Easy to install without any extra modification

Fitted for : KAWASAKI NINJA 400 (2018 onwards)